• New Construction & Renovation
    Coastal homes face a very harsh environment, and require attention to every detail so that they may perform their best and have the craftsmanship to withstand the test of time. This attention to detail starts from the first day of project planning, and goes through the entire project lifecycle and into the long-term maintenance of the home. We are here to pay attention to every one of the details along the way.
  • Historic Restoration
    Cape Cod is rich with beautiful historic homes that feature historically significant architecture. E.B. Norris has a long history of working with homeowners, architects and engineers to retain the charm and original design intentions of these homes, while improving their condition, comfort, and functionality. Special care is given to respecting these structures, while preparing them for many more years of service to come.
  • Custom Millwork
    With our own mill shop and highly skilled craftsmen, E.B. Norris is very well suited to meet any of your custom carpentry & cabinetry needs. We can handle large and small projects ranging from custom home furniture such as desks, chairs, bookshelves, and tables, to custom cabinetry for kitchens, bathroom and built-ins.
  • Property Management & Seasonal Services
    Our property management division focuses on repairing and maintaining your home from normal wear and tear as well as working to prevent any future issues. Our experienced carpenters and connections to highly skilled trades in the region allow us to address any of your home maintenance needs.
  • Project Planning & Design
    E.B. Norris offers in house design services for millwork, renovations, and full project conceptual and construction plans. We also handle all project planning, engineering and permitting for our clients. We work with local permitting boards and take special care to attend to their concerns for a successful start to any project. We have a long history of working with many leading architects, designers and planners from New England and around the country.