E. B. Norris & Son, Inc. has been building, renovating and maintaining Cape Cod’s finest homes for over 95 years. Founded in 1922 by Ernest B. Norris and led for the past 45 years by Craig Ashworth, the company has held fast to a tradition of excellence carried out by the finest craftsmen.

E. B. Norris does not lightly incorporate the word “Builders” into the company logo. They are set apart by the quality of the staff they employ: from the carpenters in the field, the project managers, to Craig himself - they are all experienced builders. With an average tenure of over 15 years among the 20 field employees, it is clear that E.B. Norris is committed to excellence and you will find no deeper pool of experience.

In addition to the “Builders” comprising the company’s staff, building is what E.B. Norris & Son does. Whether building the home you have designed with an architect, helping you in a design-build renovation, maintaining your primary or vacation home – these dedicated personnel and Craig are there to help you achieve your goals. They focus on the truly custom (having built their own millwork shop to help achieve this) and remain aware that the customer is where the “custom” comes from. They are not distracted by speculative ventures, development projects or commercial leasing as many of today’s “homebuilders” are.

E.B. Norris & Son is proud of building the finest homes of both traditional and more contemporary style, using both traditional and the most up-to-date methods and materials. Employing exceptional building techniques will dramatically reduce maintenance, increase energy performance, and provide a healthier environment for the homeowners. Craig is first to admit that it is not all a product of their exceptional staff. “Working with homeowners as committed as our clients, collaborating with the very best architects, the finest designers, and of course exceptional craftsmen, tradesmen and suppliers… building is our passion and the end product is testimony to our commitment to our clients.”